The northern half of all territory separated from the so-called "Old World" of Africa, Eurasia and Eastasia. Northern Oceania is dominated by the Atlantic Federation, but there are also outposts held by Vidalia and Salviatia in the Western Arctic, and the Bolivarians to the south. Almost 75% of Northern Oceania has been rendered unfit for human habitation due to overexploitation of resources, with human habitation now centred mostly around the Atlantic Coast and the bog and scrubland covering the northern half of this continent. It is known for being the seat of power for the Atlantic Federation, and is divided into four different regions:

Western ArcticEdit

The Western Arctic consists of all of the Arctic territories which are located in the Western hemisphere, generally speaking, they consist of actual Greenland, Iceland, as well as Canada north of the Hudson Bay. Global warming has rendered this place somewhat capable of supporting life than would normally be possible, and as such it is a major flashpoint between the three major powers of the northern hemisphere.

Region: Western Arctic

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Whitehorse Population
Kitaa Logistics
Avannaa Eureka —
Tunu 10 Schwefel
Factions: Whitehorse and Kitaa under Fed control, Avannaa is Vidalist and Tunu is SAL.


The Midlatlantic is by far the richest part of the world, and due to environmental degradation, is also the most densely populated in all of Northern Oceania, with the Federal capital of Ottawa providing administration for all other regions held by the Atlantic Federation.

The Midlatlantic is the only territory in the entire world with territories which are not unified. This means that in order to conquer all of the Midatlantic and to gain its bonus region, one has to first ensure control of the Western Arctic in order to ensure coverage of both ends of the Midatlantic.

Region: Midatlantic

Bonus Tribute Rare Wonder
Ottawa 100
New York Merchant
50 Commercial Centre:
World Trade Center
St John's 50
Chisasibi 10
Goose Bay Warpath 10
Belfast Mercenaries 5
Birmingham Propaganda 15
Glasgow 10
Factions: All controlled by FED with capital at Ottawa.

Pacific CoastEdit

Cut off from the rest of the Federation by the arid Midwest region and frequently devastated by Golden Horde raiders, the Pacific Coast is the western watershed of the Atlantic Federation.

Region: Pacific Coast

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Fort Yukon Intelligence
Portland 5
San Angeles Eureka —
15 Available
Baja Treachery
Factions: Federation flags all, except for Baja


In contrast to other parts of Northern Oceania, years of economic exploitation and protracted warfare have left the Midwest close to an arid dead zone and veritable no-man's land, with the Federation exercising rump control over this region. The population of the Midwest is located mostly in the north, while the south suffers from intense desertification.

Region: Hellas

Bonus Tribute Rare Wonder
Uranium City 5 Uranium-erz
Winnipeg 10
Minneapolis 20 Korn
Houston 5 Central Bank:
Picou Vault
Taos Eureka —
Denver Wonder of
the World
Factions: FED controls all.