• VelvetClaw

    Kultigin Division

    July 25, 2016 by VelvetClaw

    The TH-52 "Kultigin": a powerful heavy machine gun, capable of targeting not just light vehicles and aircraft, is also still just as effective when it comes to laying waste to bunched-up infantry.

    Revenants — Vital statistics

    • Heavy tank, highly effective versys enemy armour and light infantry, but lacks mobility and is costly.
    • High factor costs means that you will have to use these units wisely when out in the field, preferably in a defensive/support role.

    Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
    (294t) 345 16 30 2.6s
    (40t) 32
    Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
    Base Ramp Pop
    : 90;
    : 70 : 6;
    : 3 1 Auto Plant 8 16 Anti-vehicle Read more >
  • VelvetClaw

    Called a Flying Machine by humans, this unit consists of a flying vehicle improvised to deploy the infamous Black Smoke, a dangerous chemical weapon designed to kill normal infantry as well as human buildings.

    Akuma stealth bomber — Vital statistics

    • Anti-materiel missile infantry specialised in attacking vehicles and aircraft alike.
    • 7e.
    • nto the fray.

    Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
    (125t) 155 20 39 2.3s
    (35t) 43
    Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
    Base Ramp Pop
    : 80;
    : 40 : 16;
    : 8 1 Factory 1 13 Anti-vehicle, anti-air

    The only problem is that this unit, while fast and agile, is lightly armoured, easily taken out by dedicated AA weapons, and can attack only at a very limited range so while it is effective in …

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  • Cervantes99

    The New Guy

    May 19, 2016 by Cervantes99

    Hi, I'm a new contributor on this wiki. I've been a fan of Rise of Nations as whole for a very long time & I'd like to see what its modding community looks like.

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  • Beelim

    Martian tech tree

    May 4, 2016 by Beelim

    War of the Worlds:

    H G Wells' War of the Worlds meets the world of A Wrong Turn?

    Martian faction

    • is based on the Lakota.
    • Martian cities are actually landing sites for new units which are all built from cities.
    • Build tilesets: a, k, e, t, m, n, i, u, s.
    • Theoretically we can introduce a Martian faction to A Wrong Turn.

    No buildings for Martians other than the cylinder pad, and others.

    Martians get the following technologies:

    • Attrition 1,2,3,4
    • SIGINT 3
    • Knowledge


    • Terminus - the upgrade of a Martian city. Martians don't get the large city or metropolis, they instead get a Terminus which genereates +1 knowledge.
    • The Terminus allows for the construction of Martian units being,
      • Slaves - based off 1919 ed of Selenites. Selenites are poorly adapted to ea…

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  • Beelim

    SO, what is this "X-pack" about?

    Jihadia, Trans-Sahelia and Bolivaria can create stealth drones, while the Federation can create attack drones. 

    Salviatia can create nasty "Silver Sphere" drones that look harmless until they open up and begin their attack.

    The hovertank concept is a unit available to Salviatia and Bolivaria. Bolivaria gets the Huracan as mentioned, but Salviatia gets a unit with a name from Esperanto.

    Based off the Sectopods of XCOM these units are robotic units buildable to the Empire and the Federation. They start off as exos, then can be upgraded further into Kbots armed with heavy vulcans.

    Suicide units that blow up killing armour instantlym and ripping massive holes in enemy formations. Available to Vidalia and the Horde.


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  • VelvetClaw

    Experimental units:

    • Recovered Flying Machine (Salviatia, Federation)
    • Recovered Fighting Machine (Bolivaria, Salviatia)
    • Recovered Handling Machine (Sahelia, Empire)
    • MAG Trooper (Empire, Federation)
    • Heavy MG (Horde, Jihadia)
    • Supergun Crawler (Bolivaria, Vidalia)
    • Pachydermorph (Sahelia, Jihadia)
    • Antitank gun (Vidalia, Horde)

    • Salviatia: Recovered Fighting Machine; Recovered Flying Machine
    • Federation: Recovered Flying Machine, MAG Trooper
    • Empire: MAG Trooper; Recovered Handling Machine
    • Horde: Boltcaster MG, Antitank Gun
    • Bolivaria: Supergun Crawler, Recovered Fighting Machine
    • Vidalia: Antitank Gun, Supergun Crawler
    • Sahelia: Pachydermorph, Handling Machine
    • Jihadia: Pachydermorph, Boltcaster


    Salviatia and Sahelia get more units.

    Time for a makeover.

    • Deri…

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