"Well-armored and affordable, the M1 Abrams is the spearhead of the Federation's armored forces. Demonstrating amazing adaptability, it is a common sight on the battlefields of the entire world, and is proudly supported by the XXth Century Fox® Corporation!"

In gameEdit

M1ab icon

M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank — Vital statistics

M1 Abrams
  • Strong armoured unit that is highly effective versus enemy armour and light infantry.
  • High factor costs means that you will have to use these units wisely when out in the field, preferably in a defensive/support role.
  • Used in large numbers, their increased robustness means that they are best used as the armoured spearhead of your armies.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Armsdeal Militiae
245 15 22 2.6s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Metall: 70;
Ol: 60
Metall: 1;
Ol: 1
1 Auto Plant 8 14 Anti-vehicle

Overall strategyEdit

Heavily armoured and hard-hitting, the M1 "Abrams" is the signature unit of the Federal Cavalry Arm. Like most tanks in A Wrong Turn, it's very costly and powerful and meant to grind down lighter ground units into hamburger, but even so it is far from being a perfect unit. Like most tanks ground attack aircraft and dedicated anti-materiel weapons will put paid to it fairly easily if not supported by lighter units of its own, ie fighter escort and/or Mobile Infantry to help fend them off.

If compared to other notable units, particularly the LV-43 and the Kaiserstiger, the M1 forms a compromise of sorts, forming a "medium tank" unit. True, it isn't as powerful as the Salviatian Kaiserstiger but in comparison to the LV-43 it is slightly more powerful and better armoured, with better spotting range and more powerful main gun and tougher armour — but only marginally so. In comparison to the former, the M1 demonstrates better mobility and cost-effectiveness, making it possibly useful as a rush unit, but even so this is somewhat questionable if playing against Vidalia which would've have managed to find ways to create massive fields of attrition — the M1 may be very mobile but it might not survive long enough outside the range of supply units, giving the weaker but possibly more numerous LV-43 a field day.

That said, the real ability of the Atlantic Federation in using them thus is in using them en masse, using their unique ability to gather more resources — such as metal and oil — to produce these vehicles in sufficient numbers like the Vidalist player so as to overwhelm an opponent's ground forces.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Very affordable and fast-building armoured vehicle.