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Malay league

Malayan League of Sultanates;
Persekutuan Kesultanan-Kesultanan Melayu;
Surutan no marē no renmei;


Bandar Seri Begawan Cantonment, Polystralia

Date of Establishment



  • Pangeran Mahmud Taib (de jure)
  • Imperial Viceroy Kim Marafuki ( de facto)

Government ideology

  • Islamic Statism (de facto)


2.9m sq km




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Disestablished, successor unknown

As an Imperial vassal, it can only be expected that the Malayan League has an odd mix of units, and like most clients it is not capable of constructing Major Cities, and also has a terrible army selection, consisting solely of infantry, artillery, and some old armoured cars.


The Malayan League is a confederacy of Muslim rulers of the former Dutch East Indies, the Philippines and Brunei, and is headed by a single representative nominated by the various sultans on the advice of the Imperial Viceroy appointed by Tentai-Zu to manage the affairs of state.

Free Malaya and the APMAJEdit

Arabic is the state language, but many households still continue to speak French, making Morocco the world’s last stronghold of Gallic culture and tradition despite the overwhelming presence of Islam. In fact, Morocco is embroiled in a bitter war with Jihadia, and as a result, Jihadian war trophies are often in plain sight displayed throughout Moroccan cities as a form of chastisement of the Jihadian heretics, and an assurance to Morocco’s masters in [[Franz-

The Federation of Sultanates of Free MalayaEdit

Heinrichsstadt]] that something is being done.
Nevertheless Morocco remains rather backward. Its army is dominated heavily by indigenous infantry, but rumour has it that Salviatia has offered the Armee Royale Marocaine some state-of-the-art vehicles and artillery as a token of thanks for military access and trade and research concessions. European domination of Morocco’s economy has continued, despite trade liberalisation in an attempt to break the domination of Morocco’s economy by second-generation feranjiyeen, or people of French descent in Morocco. As a result, many of its cities are rather choked and chaotic with plenty of haphazard development funded by a Salviatian Staat eager for its slice of Africa, but there are many attractions far and wide for the visitor. Fine French architecture can be found in some small cities and towns, alongside with many traditional Arab dwellings in the oases and mountainsides, tantalising the beholder with beautiful sights, vibrant culture and dreams of what may once have been there.