The Martians are the main enemy of all humanity in the Invasion scenario. As one of the 8 major powers, you will be unable to open diplomatic dialogue with them, unless you have done the following:

  • Only 3 or fewer major human powers survive
  • Martians control 33% or less of the map.

Expect to be trashed by them early in the game, however, as the alien horde will just keep landing  with each passing turn.

  • Turn 2: Martians take Canberra and Bandar Seri Begawan.
  • Turn 3: Martians take Shonan and Delhi, receive 1 army at Shonan.
  • Turn 5: Martians take Antinanaviro, Nairobi and Maputo
  • Turn 10: Martians take Monterrey, Miami and Ciudad de Mexico, with a new army at Monterrey.

Initial startEdit

  • Atwar: Pretty much everyone.
  • Tribute: 50


Sphere of influenceEdit

None, really. Because they're out to get you.