Martyrs d'Allah
"When the holy lands of the Caliphate are invaded by infidels and heathens, it is the sacred duty of every Muslim to resist by all possible means. Allah's Martyrs are not soldiers, merely civilian fanatics armed only with improvised explosive devices. With complete disregard for their own lives, they throw themselves at enemy tanks to neutralise them.

Then, they get thousands of virgins in heaven."


Despite their long official title of Jundu Shuhada'llah, or the "Brigades of God's Martyrs", the shelf life of a martyr is only as long as the fuses of the explosives that they carry, upon reaching their destination.

Although suicide attacks have been used in warfare ever since the days of Bronze Age China, and suicide bombings are often carried out by all and sundry as an act of desperate heroism in the face of overwhelming enemy superiority, Jihadia is the only faction believed to use suicide bombings on a mass tactical scale.

It was said that this tactic was learnt by the Jihadians themselves from the fanatical fervour Vidalist "infidels" who, for the greater glory of the Revolution, began to turn themselves into "human bombs" during the political violence that rocked major Middle Eastern cities throughout the mid-1940s and later on, using Vidalian and Egyptian-produced surplus left behind in Africa and the Middle East. Although these attacks were formerly carefully orchestrated by the KGV against strategic targets, and were censured by many fatwas issued by the Caliph himself, suicide bombing eventually caught on among Muslim civilians as a form of resistance against Vidalist (and later on, Salviatist) occupation of their lands, especially during the particularly brutal Second Levantine War, which devastated many urban centres throughout North Africa and the Middle East and whose effects are still felt today.

Contrary to popular belief in Vidalia and the Federation that the hypersexuality of male Jihadians, repressed by a highly authoritarian Muslim theocracy, drives them towards such a drastic course of action, most suicide bombers are more often than not likely to be women and young children, who, after the Sinop Sex Scandal of 1944, are anxious to defend themselves against what they see as a foreign oppressor wholly bent upon violating their bodies in times of war, but see no other way of resisting. The rawest and greenest of recruits are also popular candidates for suicide bombing operations, because they are less costly than highly trained operators of machine guns or Stinger missiles, due to Jihadia's lack of proper equipment and relative backwardness of the Jihadian military-industrial complex. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of "Martyrs' Brigades" is still attested by how Vidalian forces were slowed down during the Siege of Sinope throughout the summer of 1953 by use of suicide bomb attacks by civilians, and further attacks, galvanised by Ibn Aman's fatwa of 1954, may have saved Jihadia from being completely overrun by tying down Salviatian and Vidalian forces in the cities they attempted to occupy.