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Nova Roma;
New Latium;
New Rome
Coat of arms of New Rome
Motto: "Honor est ad Novum"
("Honour to Novus")


Roma, Romo Cantonment

Date of Establishment

Since 1960s


  • Colonel Julius Neumann, aka Imperator Novus I

Government ideology

  • Salviatisches-Naciismus (SaNa)
  • Neo-Latinism


~50,000 sq km




Salviatie (paix) - 6


Unknown, possibly annexed into Great Salviatian Staat

Nova Roma have the power of ...

Game InfoEdit

Governments: Free
National Bonuses: (possible)

  • Commerce research 33% cheaper
  • Start with a Market and 4 free Merchants
  • For every 100 of a resource in your treasury beyond starting level, receive +5 income for that resource. This income can exceed your Commerce Cap by 100.
  • Receive two Light Ships whenever a New Dock is built.

Unique units muster:

Suggestions and spoilersEdit

Faction summaryEdit

  • A faction which emphasises, among other things, commerce and research.


  • Novus I

Tech tree:
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By the 1960s, the Italian peninsula and all memory of it as a civilisation was in ruins. Cities lay crumbling and deserted, society was confined to fortified cave complexes and mountaintop villages, while banditry, rape and murder were rife in the countryside outside the pale of these fortified settlements. Because it was a no-man's land of negligible socioeconomic importance, Italy became a haunt for smugglers, spies, assassins, Salviatian privateers and Jihadian raiders who flocked to its rocky coast in search of prey.

Into this world strode an accidental conqueror, who sought to change all this: a Salviatian military officer, who by a twist of fate became the most celebrated and reviled of all Salviatian military leaders, and made this fallen land into one of Salviatia's most powerful bulwarks against its enemies.