In this scenario .......

  • Only 9 factions are allowed, with the Praetors the 9th and taking over the Bantu bonuses.
  • Jihadia, KtS, Bolivaria, SAO and Empire are reduced to two territories each.

H G Wells' War of the Worlds meets the world of A Wrong Turn?


  • uses Lakota bonuses
  • Their cities are actually landing sites for new units which are all built from cities.
  • Build tilesets: a, k, e, t, m, n, i, u, s.
  • Theoretically we can introduce an Praetor faction to A Wrong Turn.

Praetors get the following technologies:

  • Attrition 1,2,3,4
  • SIGINT 3
  • Knowledge


  • Terminus - the upgrade of a city. Praetors don't get the large city or metropolis, they instead get a Terminus which genereates +1 knowledge.
  • Units and structures are based off Xenonauts.

Hints when playing the MartiansEdit

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