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Workers' Republic of Vidalia
Armypatch Vidalie
Generic military ensign — the closest thing to a coat of arms in a regime which considers heraldry as "anachronistic trappings and bourgeois nonsense."



Historical establishment



  • Russian Empire
  • Hetmanate of Ukraine

Government ideology

Democratic Vidalism


  • Workers' Party (de jure)
  • Great Leader Vidal (de facto)
  • Marshall Tukachevsky (de facto)
  • Marshall Melentieva (de facto)
  • Commissar Dragunova (de facto)


5 million


~5m sq km (frequently varies)

Official languages


National anthem



Annexed into Vidalist Union

The Workers' Republic of Vidalia have the power of Communism.

Game InfoEdit

Governments: Despotism; Republican; Socialism
National Bonuses: (possible)

  • Enemies take 100% extra attrition damage from "Russian Winter"
  • Attrition research upgrades received for free
  • National Border recieve +1 bonus per Civic Research
  • Start with 1 Level of Civics Already Researched
  • Gathers Oil 33% faster

Unique units muster:

Experimental unit: LV-X siege tank (obtainable with Vernalization centre constructed)

Suggestions and spoilersEdit

Faction summaryEdit

  • the Vidaliaians enjoy many cheap units, one of the best navys in the world and the worst airforce.


  • Marshal Melentieva
  • Admiral Romanenko

Tech tree:
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Monuments buildable: (needs a sliedshow)


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The Vidalist RevolutionEdit

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The Great Northern WarEdit

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Death of TrotskyEdit

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African adventuresEdit

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First Levantine WarEdit

  • Initially unsuccessful in invading Jihadia, Vidalia manages to annex the Caucasus and establish the Egyptian Workers' Republic and the People's Republic of Ethiopia. However, this first attempt at creating a Vidalist state in Africa would go awry.

War of the Angolan SuccessionEdit

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  • Attempts for a second go at a Vidalian Africa are made complicated with its relations with Jihadia and failure to control the Egyptian Workers' Republic. Elsewhere, the People's Republic of Ethiopia eventually falls apart.

Horde Civil WarEdit

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Involvement in the Second Great WarEdit

Vidalia takes Northern Iran in an attempt to prevent Salviatian forces from attacking any further.

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